About Warson Brands
Warson Group Team

About Us

Warson Brands* offers a portfolio of six national brands and over 300 styles of safety footwear for men and women. We have been in the occupational and military footwear business since 1988. We design and engineer footwear for nearly every occupation on the planet. With us, designing and crafting occupational and duty uniform footwear isn't just a sideline, it's our passion, our one and only business.

Our Mission: Performance
Our business model is simple: the better our shoes perform, the better our customers perform - from our wholesale and retail customers to our end-users.

Our Goal: Providing the Best Customer Service, Period.
We sell occupational and military footwear all over the world. However, when it comes to customer service, we want to be right next door. Our customer service staff, with combined experience of over 300 years, knows your business and works hard to earn it every day.

* Warson Brands, also known as Warson Group Inc., is the official licensee of Reebok Inc.; The Rockport Group; and Florsheim Group Inc.